EmergencyEye® provides the dispatcher with the opportunity for remote access to the bystander's smartphone infrastructure, generating video, visual, geo-locational and vital-sensoric data in a secure and reliable format. This will give dispatchers the ability to make more accurate diagnoses, coupled with clear and appropriate guidance. This interchange rests on cutting-edge technology which will provide the emergency professionals with full control over the flow of information.



EmergencyEye® is a product and process innovation requiring intense research and development but also telecommunication and emergency case management law revisions. Thus, EmergencyEye® will be developed in close collaboration with leading institutions in the area of Emergency Case management and will be supported by grants from the EU-commissioned EIT-Health and the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

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  • European Union
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  • Viktor Huhle

    Viktor Huhle

    the founder and representative of EmergencyEye® at Corevas gave birth to EmergencyEye® as part of his thesis at the Academy for junior management at the Business School Neuss, FOM in 2015. Viktor is currently studying International Management at the WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management.

  • Carola Petri

    is the CEO of Corevas and is responsible for design and corporate identity. She is an experienced entrepreneur with three startups behind her, having originally graduated in product design. Carola continues to run her own design business whilst leading Corevas.

    Carola Petri
  • EmergencyEye® is a product of Corevas GmbH & CO.KG and is managed by a team with drive, passion and commitment.

  • Richard Josef Weinmann

    Richard Josef Weinmann

    is an expert in strategic partnership development and project management. He ensures partnership excellence and oversees the project management office at Corevas. Richard has a wealth of experience in managing complex consortia and projects in systems automatization.

  • Christoph Beck

    leads the technical development at Corevas and has a PhD in Electrical Engineering. Christoph is experienced in technical R&D and MedTech in the fields of portal and wireless unit for human vital signs, portal neurostimulators, infusion pumps, defibrillators, ECG, and pulse oximeter, including deep knowledge in medical device development

    Christoph Beck

Winning together

EmergencyEye® will be developed by a reliable consortium of industrial and academic partners. EmergencyEye® will be saving lives and improving quality of life for people facing health crises or emergency situations e.g. Sudden Cardiac Arrest. The right information and data provide professional services with the foundation to draw right conclusions, allow appropriate advice and deliver excellent services.


Corevas GmbH & CO.KG

Corevas GmbH & CO.KG hosts EmergencyEye® a process and product innovation to save lives during Health crises and emergency cases.


27. Mai 2017
EmergencyEye® ein Project der Corevas GmbH & CO.KG gewinnt HeadStart Förderung.
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EU- commissioned EIT Health Initiative

The EU- commissioned EIT Health Initiative is supporting the development of EmergencyEye®, a technology that potentially can save thousands of lives.
Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine

Hold the date

EmergencyEye® Hackathon am Ring, 16.–18.2.18
Where: Nürburgring
What: Hackers, Business professionals and designers will join a Hackathon to create technology innovations around emergency case communication.
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