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Our goal is to generate innovations at the highest level and with the most modern technologies that are used in everyday life. We achieve this in dialog with users and in cooperation with our partners from industry, business, universities and public institutions. This enables us to create solutions together with leading international institutions.


Imec is a world-leading research and development facility for nanoelectronics and digital technologies, combining long-standing leadership in microchip technology with deep expertise in software and ICT.

As part of the EITHealth-funded EU project, IMEC has developed the EmergencyEye® safety architecture. The security module will ensure that all data communication is encrypted and authenticated. It will also take care of key management.

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RWTH Aachen

For four decades, research and teaching in the Cybernetics Lab has stood for consistent interdisciplinarity and cybernetic research methods. As an interdisciplinary research network, it is an institute of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at RWTH Aachen University.

Together with Corevas GmbH & Co.KG, the working group of the Cybernetics Lab at RWTH Aachen University has developed TapirTapes, a public online learning module for people of all ages (MOOC). The development of the MOOC and EmergencyEye® were part of the RAMSES project, which was supported by EIT Health, a funding network for innovation in the health sector of the European Union.

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KU Leuven

KU Leuven is a research and educational institution with an international reputation. All programs at this university are based on the innovative research of its scientists and professors. KU Leuven is one of the top 50 universities in the world and has worked on the development of the communication management software modules as part of the EITHealth funded EU project. The communications management module will coordinate the transmissions of the various links (video, voice, data) by scheduling/prioritizing them based on the monitored link quality and the throughput and latency guarantees that the link can provide.

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University Hospital Cologne

The University of Cologne has been one of Germany’s eleven universities of excellence since 2012. The Excellence Initiative is run jointly by the German Research Foundation and the German Council of Science and Humanities and funded by the German federal and state governments. At the University Hospital of Cologne, the benefit of EmergencyEye® compared to the current best standard was investigated and proven in two clinical studies. These studies were supported by EIT Health, a funding network for innovation in the health sector of the European Union.

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Liki Mobile Solutions

The Liki team consists of highly qualified and experienced software consultants, architects, designers and developers. Liki is experienced in creating IT solutions, software, web applications and mobile applications.

Together with Liki, Corevas GmbH & Co.KG was able to develop EmergencyEye® from an idea to a real product. This was part of the RAMSES consortium project, a program supported by EIT Health as the European Union’s funding network for innovation in the health sector.

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Corevas is a partner of Vodafone’s start-up program UPLIFT. As a technology partner, Vodafone ensures that the video chat between the user and the person concerned always works. For this purpose, the Düsseldorf-based digitization group has set up a separate communication channel to route the necessary data through the network at no cost to customers. This will start the video chat as soon as possible in case of emergency.

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ISE mbH was a development partner within the framework of the Horizon2020 funding project and has ensured that, with just one click, the emergency workers can activate EmergencyEye® in the “iSE-Cobra4” operations control system in a user-friendly manner and that data and actions are documented.

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Emergency call without language barriers. Together with SELECTRIC, the Corevas team was able to add a chat function to EmergencyEye®, thus breaking down language barriers! After the live video function and precise continuous localization, EmergencyEye®X now supplements the emergency call with an additional chat function with translation to overcome language barriers, if required. Barrier-free when it counts!

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