6th hackathon­amring®
28-30-June 2024

Smart Service 5.0
Innovate For A Better World
Just Come!

28-30-June 2024

Smart Service 5.0
Innovate For A Better World
Just Come!

Early Birds, take your chance and block your calendar.

People are waiting for your innovative solutions.
Innovate for a better world, be it for a better customer service or live support during crises situations.

See you at HACKATHONAMRING 2024!


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AI-supported crisis communication: better response and support – HACKATHON@PmRExpo 2023

From the 28th to the 30th of November 2023, 36 hackers came together, supported by 130 COMMUNITY members, to create innovative solutions for AI-supported effective crises management. Within 48 hours, amazing prototypes and solutions were developed, which were evaluated by an independent jury of 36 visitors recruited from the PMRExpo crowd.

Please find the outcome and descriptions of the results under the following links.

Thank you to the sponsor Koelnmesse GmbH and the companies sureVIVE SA, F24 AG, VIVASECUR GmbH and NoraTec GmbH for their contribution and support.

Shaping the future – 5th HACKATHONAMRING 2023

The HACKATHONAMRING 2023, held at the iconic Nürburgring in Germany 23rd to 25th June, proved to be an exhilarating and unforgettable event.

Bringing together approximately 100 participants from diverse backgrounds, this hackathon was a remarkable showcase of innovation, collaboration, and technological prowess.
Over the course of an intense 48 hours, participants took on three distinct challenges that pushed the boundaries of creativity and problem-solving.
Prototype presented:

  • Smart Service Assistant, the App for virtualy guided inspections
  • GreenBot, the most user-friendly interface for sustainability databases, that improves your intuition for sustainable decisions.
  • „Vocal Eye“ is an AI based add-on for emergency services and dispatchers that assist in making critical decisions fast by extracting and augmenting data from a call.
  • Steel Team Six presented their software provides overview, classification and current status information on operational, crisis and danger areas to ensure the fastest and best possible assistance.
  • The Lunchables made the unseen seen.


Sprint at the SPELL@hackathonamring.
We took on the challenge of integrating live mobile image data to better assess the situation and made tremendous progress.

Goals achieved:

  • Drone live video broadcasting on EmEye-T and drawing on images prototyped.
  • Sharing of sessions with experts in the field prototyped.


The 3rd HACKATHONAMRING was the first edition including deaf people.
The goal was to create an emergency call technology enabling deaf people to call the Emergency Service while using the 112.

Goals achieved:

  • Chat-Function with instant translation added to the 112 call prototyped.
  • Chat with translation for “multi lingual” Emergency Service prototyped.


More than 200 international hackers from India, the Philippines, Spain, Romania, Benelux, Poland, England, Germany, Costa Rica and Houston (Texas) participated at the first two HACKATHONAMRING.
In a 48-hour and the 24 hrs coding marathon in February and March 2018, partly without sleep, the programmers worked on solutions around the care of people with acute cardiac arrest.
In this short time, the teams not only developed new codes, but also the first working prototype of EmergencyEye.
These first two events were supported by EIT Health, an initiative of the EU-Commission.

The atmosphere at the HACKATHONAMRING was great, also how the hackers helped each other. I had many conversations and heard about ideas I would never have thought of.

Peter Velroyen
General Manager ISE GmbH

…it`s amazing when you lock such motivated people in a room, have a challenge and can achieve a lot in such a short time and some lack of sleep…

Frederic Weichel

….If you want to come, just come!….

Rachel Ann B. Delicanon
Quezon City, Philippines

Experts from different fields have joined eachother with a common goal and they have not stopped at night. I have been very impressed by their commitment.

Henry F Roach

Stay tuned for the next hackathonamring!