Hackathonamring 2023 | 23-25 JUNE 2023

5th Hackathonamring 2023

We are pleased to invite to the 5th Hackathonamring 2023, a 48-hour hackathon event that aims to connect people and technology to innovate services for people in need.
This event will take place on 23-25 June 2023 and promotes collaboration and innovation among professionals from different backgrounds and industries.
The 5th Hackathonamring 2023 will provide the participants with the following opportunities:

  • Networking: They will have the opportunity to meet and collaborate with like-minded professionals from different backgrounds and industries.
  • Skills Development: The event will allow them to develop and showcase skills in a collaborative and innovative environment.
  • Innovation: The event will encourage them to think creatively and develop new solu-tions and ideas to address challenges faced by people in need.
  • Technology Exposure: They will have access to the latest technologies and tools to help them and their company to stay at the forefront of innovation.

Overall, the 5th Hackathonamring 2023 is an excellent opportunity for everybody to engage in collaborative problem-solving, develop and source vital skills, and stay ahead of the curve regarding technology and innovation.

The event will cover various themes, from Academia to Industry, healthcare to customer services. Additionally, round table discussions with experts from academia and industry will be held to connect theory and praxis. Finally, booths from partners present opportunities and tools to test hypotheses and familiarize oneself with the latest technologies.

Service and Costs:

The participation fee for the event includes meals, refreshments, and all the necessary materials to participate in the hackathon.
More information conc. services on site and costs: www.hackathonamring.com.
In case people intend to stay for more than one day, we negotiated special rates for accommodation at Linder Hotel @nuerburgring.


The program is continuously growing in these days and we do expect up to 200 participants. For details conc. the program, please consult www.hackathonamring.com.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information, and we look forward to another exciting event @hackathonamring.

Best regards,

Prof. Dr. med. Guenter Huhle, MSc
Founder and Owner of Corevas GmbH & Co.KG

On behalf of the Hackathonamring 2023 Organizing Committee