Research & Development

We place the status quo in the context of ongoing development

In addition to gradual, continuous improvements, we focus our attention on significant innovations. We are closely aligned with people’s needs and respond to their suggestions, but we prioritize pursuing unexpected, breakthrough, and as yet unrecognized innovations and their benefit demonstrations.

To this end, we maintain a dialog with the leading creative forces in our society and evaluate our products and services on the basis of scientific data and surveys.

Saving lives with technology and a tapir

Together with Corevas GmbH & Co.KG, the working group of the Cybernetics Lab of RWTH Aachen University has developed TapirTapes, a public online learning module for people of all ages (Massive Open Online Course – MOOC). The development of the MOOC and EmergencyEye® were part of the RAMSES project, which was supported by EIT Health, a funding network for innovation in the health sector of the European Union.

For four decades, research and teaching in the Cybernetics Lab has stood for consistent interdisciplinarity and cybernetic research methods. As an interdisciplinary research network, it is an institute of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at RWTH Aachen University.

Since 2018, the TapirTapes have already had more than 15.000 viewers.

Hackathonamring® to innovate crises communication!

The collaborative event has already taken place three times: Teams consisting of scientists, coders, technicians, designers, entrepreneurs, firefighters, police officers, programmers, emergency services and affected persons work together intensively for over 36 hours in parallel to one of the most popular authoring events at the Nürburgring to discover and prototype innovative approaches to emergency care of the future.

Our Hackathonamring® has been providing this interface since 2018, and we inspire more than 250 participants at Hackathonamring® each year to network and achieve great and groundbreaking things together. Passion, commitment, software, brains, interest, technology, expertise & insights, joy, hardware and knowledge come to the Nürburgring and expand networks, create prototypes, have fun and generate tomorrow’s solutions within 36-48 hours.

Evidence of benefit from EmergencyEye® demonstrated in clinical studies

The benefit of EmergencyEye® was demonstrated in two clinical studies using resuscitation situations in which the immediate and correct action of the emergency witnesses as well as the rapid arrival of the professional resuscitators were required.

help are critical to the survival and overall outcome of those affected. EmergencyEye® was shown in the studies to be highly superior to the current best standard.

High acceptance of EmergencyEye® among potential users

The concept test of an audiovisual communication system for emergency assistance in case of cardiac arrest as part of a bachelor thesis investigated how the EmergencyEye® technology is accepted. Based on a prospective survey with more than 350 participants, Ferdinand von Lintel was able to demonstrate a high level of acceptance among physicians, pharmacists, dispatchers, as well as cardiovascular patients and their relatives among potentially affected persons and users.

EmergencyEye®, an innovative software in permanent renewal

mdeg digital GmbH has been developing the EmergencyEye® technology under the leadership of Corevas since 2017. The high level of innovation at both companies enables the rapid development of ready-to-use and useful software solutions and puts the status quo in the context of continuous improvement and leap innovation.

Smartphones as a source of image information in crisis situations

The founders of Corevas identified the development of software for the transmission of image data as an important basic building block for the emergency communication of the future and therefore named their software EmergencyEye®.

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