EmergencyEye® is a product of Corevas GmbH & Co.KG and is continuously developed by a team with energy, passion and commitment.

Viktor Huhle

Viktor Huhle

Viktor created the basis for the foundation of EmergencyEye® within the Corevas®. Since then, he has been developing the company with our team, customers and partners.

He holds a Bachelor and Master of Science from WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management with a special focus on innovation and business management. He continuously contributes his expertise in these areas, leading Corevas® to sustainable growth and an innovative product portfolio.


Günter Huhle

founded the Corevas as an expert in medical-scientific and entrepreneurial aspects. He is experienced in science and medicine, corporate & business development in research and industry.


Carola Petri

founded the Corevas and, in addition to her own company, manages the Corevas and EmergencyEye® as Managing Director. As an experienced entrepreneur and studied product designer she is responsible for design and takes care of the corporate identity of EmergencyEye® and the Corevas.


Michael Welbers

is our data protection officer, heads our quality management and supports us with his technical expertise. Michael is a firefighter for more than 24 years, managed the entire technology (incl. all servers and interfaces) since 2006 and the QM of the district control center Kleve since 2012. In 2017, he took over the management of the control center.


Christian Linnartz

is an electrical engineer and has been working in critical infrastructure for years, including software creation and support, visualization concepts and IT security. Christian holds a B.Sc. for Industrial Engineering and Management at FHM Bielefeld and supports us in technical service and with his experience in cyber security.

Jessica Ahring Research

Jessica Ahring

is a mathematical-technical software developer and holds a BSc in Scientific Programming. She will soon complete her Master of Science in Computer Science at RWTH Aachen University and will support us as a software developer for the upcoming innovation leaps of EmEye-T®.
Jessica has been involved with the DLRG for years as a leader in training, a current rescuer, and an emergency paramedic, and is currently training to be a squad leader in disaster response.


Rupert Heege

As chief fire officer, district fire inspector, department head of fire protection, rescue service and disaster control incl. Civil Defense, Civil Defense, Flood Control, Preventive Fire Protection Expert, and Critical Infrastructure Lecturer, Rupert has gained, taught, and significantly contributed to extensive experience.
Now he is committed to the further development of EmergencyEye®.

R & D

Christoph Beck

is an electrical engineer and leads the technical development of EmergencyEye® with his long experience in research and technology development in vital sensors, medical devices and product development. Christoph leads an international team of engineers and software developers as Corevas’ research and development unit.


Iris Mecklenburg

As a web designer and front-end developer, with more than 20 years of experience, she is the interface between branding and development. With her know-how, she supports us in making the operation of our technical interfaces as intuitive as possible and bringing them in line with our corporate design.

Iris Mecklenburg

Jona Glaubitz

Supports EmergencyEye® expert level technical support in close collaboration with our research and technology development. Jona is a long-standing expert in national and international IT projects regarding administration, maintenance and monitoring, as well as optimization of existing IT infrastructures.


Viviana Cuciuffo

Viviana focused her bachelor’s degree in “Digitalization and Business Creation” on working with new and dynamic companies and supports us in innovation, product and business development.

Viviana Cuciuffo

Frederic Weichel

is an IT expert in medical informatics and also a dentist, paramedic and soon to be doctor. He supports our technical development & research and is our partner for further developments and technological challenges. Frederic is driven by an outstanding passion for medicine, technology, IT and much more.


Benedict J. Huhle

Benedikt co-founded EmergencyEye® and studies business informatics at the Technical University of Berlin.

He supports the Corevas with his technical talent in development, technical support and sales.

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