Accident & Rescue

Emergency call software "EmergencyEye®" in the Lahn-Dill district shows how emergency services switch to the smartphone.

Help for first responders: The Lahn-Dill district is the first district in Hesse to use the “EmergencyEye®” software at the end of 2019. This now allows rescue workers to locate the first responder’s smartphone and connect to the caller’s camera to better assess the situation at the scene and guide them to initial action.

The fire department is convinced of “EmergencyEye®”. Rescue workers expect a lot from the software: Not only do they want to better support first responders by telling them even more precisely what they should do. They also want to be able to better assess which and how many emergency personnel they need to send.

We help those who help us - our doctors, aides and caregivers.

Physicians and support staff worked tirelessly during the acute Covid 19 period to quickly clarify and properly act on suspected coronavirus infection. At the same time, more and more people shied away from seeing a doctor for fear of contracting the coronavirus.

With the “EmergencyEye®” video chat system, Vodafone and Corevas were able to help more than 400 facilities conduct a professional initial assessment via video chat and completely without an app.