Zukunftsforum EmEye-T®
Exchange experiences and expectations, in order to shape trends.
Together for a better future

Why we launched the ZUKUNFTSFORUM EmEye-T®

Shaping the future.

The ZUKUNFTSFORUM provides a distinctive platform for networking, discussion, and collaborative problem-solving to address the current challenges of our time. From skills shortages to the pressures of digitalization and sustainability, we invite you to contribute your individual perspectives and ideas to actively shape the future of the EmergencyEye®-technology.

Experience inspiring presentations and discussions on topics that move you. Meet the Corevas GmbH & Co KG team and strengthen the personal exchange that characterizes us as a family business. Let us inspire you to break new ground together and expand the boundaries of current possibilities. Experience inspiring discussions and networking opportunities with experts from various branches of industry as well as representatives of the emergency services and the participants of the HACKATHONAMRING®


Build contacts with industry experts, investors and new potential partners.


Generate and test new ideas and solutions for complex problems and discuss hot topics with the crowd.


Strengthen your organization's brand and presence.


Shaping the future of the EmergencyEye®-technology through personal input.


Meet the team behind EmergencyEye®.


Become aware of new use cases and problem solutions.


Great agenda, impressive location, party and people


Enjoy the food served by the fantastic "Bordsteinschwalbe".


get a taste of the 6th HACKATHONAMRING®.

Friday - June 26


13:00 - 13:15 - Business LoungeGünterHuhle, Corevas GmbH & Co. KG

Benefits of digitalization in service

13:15 - 13:30 - Business LoungeVivianaCuciuffo, Landshut University of Applied Sciences

Status quo, trends and technologies in service

13:30 - 14:45 - Business LoungeExpertsfrom industry and emergency response

Summary and closing

14:45 - 15:00 - Business Lounge

For our hackers

ZUKUNFTSFORUM and Hackathon - how do they go together?

You are the creative minds that shape the future. We would like to encourage you to think outside the box and be inspired by the real desires of industrial and commercial enterprises.

The Future Forum is a unique opportunity to gain insights into the current challenges and needs of companies. Here you can exchange ideas with experts, gain new perspectives and gather valuable inspiration for the HACKATHONAMRING® challenges.

You are warmly invited!

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