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Future Forum EmEye-T®

13:00 - 15:00 - Friday - Coca-Cola Business Lounge Segment 2Meetingand discussion with EmEye-T® users


09:00 - 10:00 - Saturday - Coca-Cola Business Lounge Segment 2 Job van Merendonk and Ute Meiborg

Smart Connect - integration of smart devices into communication

11:00 - 12:00 - Saturday - Coca-Cola Business Lounge Segment 2CarstenHermanns, Christoph Beck,
Robert Duchac and Jessica Ahring

Safe Solutions - Secure communication in extreme situations

13:00 - 14:00 - Saturday - Coca-Cola Business Lounge Segment 2 Dirk Nopens and Sören Hantke

Strengthen your team dynamics

The key to unlock your full team potential

An electrifying journey into the exciting world of TEAMDYNAMICS!

Join the energetic duo Ute Meiborg (master coach) and Job van Merendonk (founder) as they guide you through an interactive workshop based on the unique CIRCYOULAR® technology!

Ignite your passion for peak performance as you delve into the secrets of success from a diverse range of teams! From the adrenaline-fueled realm of DTM racing to the cutting-edge world of agile software development teams and prestigious boards of directors – there’s no limit to the inspiration you’ll uncover!

Explore the fascinating patterns that define high-performance teams, unravel the mysteries of productivity pitfalls, and unlock the keys to propelling your team towards greatness! Whether you’re already part of a stellar team or yearning to catapult to new heights, this workshop powered by CIRCYOULAR® promises to turbocharge your SOFT SKILLS and unleash your full potential!

Brace yourself for the ultimate challenge – the HACKATHONAMRING®! With newfound knowledge and skills in your arsenal, victory could be within your grasp! Are you ready to seize the opportunity and emerge triumphant? Which team is ready to seize the opportunity and become the winner?

Let’s conquer the HACKATHONAMRING® together!

Expertise meets AI

Tomorrow's topics - today!

Immerse yourself in the inspiring expertise of Ingo Kleiber, a senior expert in digital education and educational technology at the University of Cologne. Accompanied by his passion for (generative) artificial intelligence, he steers the paths of innovation and knowledge in this emerging field. Due to his profound background as a corpus and computational linguist, Ingo has been dealing with the facets of artificial intelligence for a long time. But that’s not all – as an experienced agile project manager, project owner and scrum master as well as coach for design thinking processes, he leads teams through the waves of change and excellence.

You will also embark on an exciting journey with Kathrin Andree, a consultant for the future education at the same university. She focuses on the undiscovered paths of tomorrow’s educational world. As an expert in the field of foresight, she opens doors to new horizons and sheds light on topics that were previously hidden in the dark and that no one had ever considered. She is dedicated to the challenge and opportunity of (generative) artificial intelligence and its use in education. As a trained design thinking coach, she leads interdisciplinary teams through the creation of solutions and innovations.

Let yourself be inspired by the boundless inspiration and potential of these two outstanding experts!

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