Better situation assessment through EmergencyEye®.

Better, faster, more efficient - safer helping

Whether in the case of a fire, technical assistance, such as a traffic accident, a pile-up, a hazardous materials accident or large-scale NBC situations, or even in the case of major damage and disasters, a rapid assessment of the situation with the support of live video images of the damage site is of particular importance. The targeted deployment of resources is essential for efficient problem resolution and the protection of people and infrastructure.

EmergencyEye® supports operational command, crisis and disaster management teams, supervisory authorities and decision-makers/leaders in situational awareness and assessment in the event of operations and major emergencies. In these situations, EmergencyEye® allows access to smartphones of peripheral helpers and experts on site, as well as laymen, and the recruitment of them as mobile sensor and receiver – all without pre-installations and without “APP” on the end devices. The technology guarantees the highest level of security, intuitive usability and leads to an increase in resource efficiency, improvement of the decision-making basis and precise transmission of coordinates (GeoSMS) to emergency forces and resources.